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SESAME progress meeting 
20-22 March 2018, JSI, Ljubljana, Slovenia (For project partners only).

ICAPP 2018
8-11 April 2018, Charlotte, USA 

AMNT 2018
29-30 May 2018, Berlin, Germany

6-7 June 2018, San Francisco, USA.

Heavy Metal Summer School
June 2018, Mol, Belgium.

ANS Annual Meeting
17-21 June 2018, Philedelphia, USA.

22-26 July 2018, London, UK.
SESAME colleagues Yann Bartosiewicz (UCL), Andreas Class (KIT), Afaque Shams (NRG), Elia Merzari (ANL), and Sofiane Benhamadouche (EDF) will act as co-chair of the Computational Fluid Dynamics track.

SESAME progress meeting
1-5 October 2018, Delft, Netherlands (For project partners only).

14-18 October 2018, Qingdao, China
Ferry Roelofs (NRG) and Mariano Tarantino (ENEA) will organise a panel session about thermal-hydraulic challenges for liquid metal cooled fast reactors.

ANS Winter Meeting
11-15 November 2018, Orlando, USA.
The ANS Winter Meeting 2018 will embed the International Topical Meeting on Advances in Thermal Hydraulics 2018. General chair of this embedded meeting is SESAME colleague Xu Cheng (KIT). Furthermore the Technical Program Chair Sofiane Benhamadouche (EDF) is a member of the SESAME senior advisory committee and Elia Merzari (ANL) is involved in SESAME through a transatlantic collaboration. Katrien Van Tichelen (SCK) will give a keynote lecture on MYRRHA and Ferry Roelofs and Afaque Shams (NRG) will organise special sessions on “simulation and experiments of wire-wrapped fuel assemblies” and “thermal-hydraulics in low-Prandtl fluids”.

MYRTE International Workshop
January-February 2019, Brussels, Belgium.
An international workshop organised by the MYRTE project to disseminate the main results of the project open for discussion with the international heavy liquid metal community. More information to be announced in 2018.

SESAME International Workshop
19-21 March 2019, Petten, Netherlands.
An international workshop organised by SESAME to disseminate the main results of the project open for discussion with the international liquid metal thermal hydraulics community. More information here 

ICAPP 2019
15-19 April 2019, Juan Les Pins, France.

ANS Annual Meeting
9-13 June 2019, Minneapolis, USA.

18-22 August 2019, Portland, USA.
The Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH) conference series is the leading series of conferences in the field. The 18th edition of this conference will be organized in Portland (USA). At the time of the conference the SESAME project should be finished. Nevertheless, we might expect many SESAME related contributions.

ANS Winter Meeting
17-21 November 2019, Washington DC, USA.