On 7 June, KTH students Marti Jeltsov and Kaspar Kööp obtained their PhD based on SESAME-related work. The PhD defense of Marti was chaired by SESAME Senior Advisory Committee member Janne Wallenius. Furthermore, SESAME experts Mariano Tarantino and Afaque Shams served as opponents during the defenses of Marti and Kaspar while SESAME experts Vincent Moreau, Katrien Van Tichelen, and Ferry Roelofs served in the evaluation committees of their PhD defenses. We are happy to announceRead More →

A step forward was taken at the Department of Radiation Science and Technology of TU Delft, The Netherlands. The SEEDS experimental loop (SEven rods bundle Experiment in Delft for Sesame) was changed replacing the SEEDS-1 (inaugurated in November 2017) test section with the SEEDS-2 test section. SESAME colleagues from NRG visited the new setup. The SEEDS-2 test section is a 7-rods hexagonal bundle facility with wire spacers wrapped around the rods to mimic the geometry ofRead More →

SESAME Newsletter #3 (March 2018)  ALL ARTICLES Access Newsletter here > SEEDS Experimental Facility The SEEDS (SEven rods bundle Experiments in Delft for SESAME) facility is a water-based bundle consisting of seven rods. SEEDS 1 will be used to study vibrations due to turbulence and a phenomenon called coherent structures. The central rod is made of a flexible material. The flow field will be determined with the help of laser doppler anemometry (LDA) and theRead More →

SESAME Newsletter #3 (March 2018)  ALL ARTICLES Access Newsletter here > VKI Lecture Series in April 2017 The Lecture Series dedicated to Thermo-hydraulics and Chemistry of Liquid Metal cooled reactors was organised during the second week of April 2017. The Lecture Series was held in the frame of the SESAME H2020 project and was also part of the MYRTE H2020 project. 25 international participants attended the Lecture Series. 24 different well-prepared lectures were provided byRead More →

SESAME Newsletter #3 (March 2018)  ALL ARTICLES Access Newsletter here > Phenix blind benchmark The last SESAME Progress Meeting in Brasimone (Italy) marked the end of the initial phase of the PHENIX Dissymmetric Test benchmark undertaken as part of WP5. This benchmark focuses on one of the End-Of-Life tests performed on the PHENIX reactor, a 250 MWe, pool-type SFR designed and built by CEA and EDF in Marcoule (France). Connected to the grid in 1973,Read More →

SESAME Newsletter #3 (March 2018)  ALL ARTICLES Access Newsletter here > Facility for Natural Circulation experiments in HLM: NACIE-UP NACIE-UP is a HLM-cooled facility located at ENEA Brasimone Research Centre (Italy). It is a rectangular loop, composed of two vertical pipes 8 meters long and the two horizontal pipes 2.4 meters long, with a total inventory of about 200 l. The facility hosts a prototypical wire-spaced fuel pin bundle simulator (FPS), with 19 wire-spaced pinsRead More →