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SESAME Newsletter #3 (March 2018) 

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Turn on your laptop, open your favourite browser and search for “thermal-hydraulics”. You will find that thermal-hydraulics is strictly related to nuclear, although thermal-hydraulics is a science applicable and applied to many other fields.

In SESAME we’re continuing to work along this path. The design of the next generation of nuclear power plant needs to be innovative but with a higher level of safety and sustainability – thermal-hydraulics is critical to achieve this goal.

The ASTRID, MYRRHA, ALFRED and SEALER reactors for sure are innovative. The design teams are working hard to keep the safety and sustainability as the top target of their work, while taking into account the economic point of view. In SESAME we are providing them with tools, analyses, models and guidelines in the thermal-hydraulics field to strengthen the robustness and accuracy of their design, integrating safety.

But we want to do more. We have the ambition to support Europe in keeping its worldwide leadership in the nuclear field, not only through models and analyses, but also through contributing to the training of the new generation of researchers and scientists.

For this reason, a relevant part of our work involves students and young researchers. You will find this aspect throughout the various news in this newsletter. We are certain that our efforts will help towards the renaissance of the nuclear culture in Europe, a renaissance that will be sustained through a strong scientific approach, the robustness of innovation and new technologies, the intellectual honesty of researchers and scientists involved and the passion of the new generations. For all of these reasons, we are strong.

A serious discussion is needed. But let me emphasise that those who are against the future development of nuclear are against the future. Europe will not miss this future, and our commitment today is to not turn our backs, but work hard to involve the public’s opinion with robust and credible new ideas. In this visionary approach, young researchers are the seeds for the future, and the SESAME project is working towards this goal. We are optimistic by design!

You will have the possibility to see that by joining us at the international workshop that Ferry is organising in Petten, and you will see how simple it is.