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The SESAME project presented many outcomes during the important NUclear REactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH) in Portland. More than 10 scientific papers of SESAME work were presented. On top of that, two keynote lectures of prominent SESAME colleagues were provided. And finally, 2 SESAME papers were selected by the Honors and Awards Committee to receive one of the 8 best paper awards prior to the conference banquet. We congratulate Julio Pacio, Markus Daubner, Thomas Wetzel, HeleenRead More →

SESAME won the Euratom Project Award!

We are very pleased and honored to announce that the SESAME project won the EURATOM Project Award at FISA-2019, for its high scientific level and originality.Read More →

Throwback on SESAME International Workshop

The Final International Workshop of the SESAME project (2015 – 2019) took place in Petten (Netherlands) from 19-21 March 2019. The aim of this event was to disseminate the main achievements of the project among the international nuclear community and to foster the exchange of the newest scientific and technical results between researchers and experts. In total, 62 technical papers were presented along with 8 keynote lectures from international experts, mostly not directly involved in theRead More →

NUGENIA Forum 2019

The NUGENIA Forum 2019 will be held from 13 to 15 March 2019 at La Cité Universitaire in Paris, France. The theme of this year Forum is “Innovation for a safe, efficient and low-carbon nuclear energy production”. It will be devoted to the discussion on the technical and scientific milestones to be tackled to ensure competitive, efficient and safe production of low CO2 electricity from GEN II, GEN III and SMR water-cooled nuclear power plants.  Technological innovation is fundamental to maintain a highRead More →

SESAME International Workshop programme

The detailed preliminary programme for the SESAME International Workshop is now available! ==> Click HERE to download itRead More →

SESAME final newsletter is out!

SESAME has published its fourth, and final newsletter edition, covering the latest technical activities that have been carried out, highlights and interesting events for the community.Read More →

Portrait of a young professional: Jure Oder

PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG PROFESSIONAL: JURE ODER Could you briefly describe your role and responsibilities in the SESAME project? I am a PhD student at JSI, which is a partner in the SESAME project. The main involvement of my team is in the Work Package 1, which is about Fluctuations and Vibrations. It is our responsibility to provide reference data about thermal fluctuations in a flow of sodium in a heated backward facing step geometry (TaskRead More →

Portrait of a young professional: Pierdomenico Lorusso

PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG PROFESSIONAL: PIERDOMENICO LORUSSO Could you briefly describe your role and responsibilities in the SESAME project? My name is Pierdomenico Lorusso, I’m a PhD student of University of Rome La Sapienza and I’m attending my PhD at the ENEA Brasimone Research Center. I’m actually involved in the SESAME Project and I’m working in the following tasks: In the framework of WP4, task 5.4, I participated to the realization of the numerical activities withRead More →

SESAME Keynotes at the ANS Winter Meeting

During the ANS Winter Meeting in Orlando (Florida) embedded Advances in Thermal Hydraulics (ATH) topical meeting, two out of three keynote lectures were provided by SESAME experts. The opening keynote was provided by Katrien van Tichelen on ‘Advanced Liquid-Metal Thermal Hydraulics Research for MYRRHA’. This keynote was very well received and obviously discussed amongst many other topics also topics covered by SESAME. Katrien received her certificate of appreciation from Dr. Sama Bilbao y Leon currentlyRead More →

SESAME’s Wentao Guo wins NUTHOS best paper award

During the 12th International Topical Meeting on Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics, Operation, and Safety (NUTHOS-12) in Qingdao (China), Wentao Guo won a Best Paper award for his paper: ‘DNS of Turbulent Mixed Convection in Liquid Metals and Its Application to Improve RANS Turbulence Models’. The work described in this paper was performed within the framework of the European SESAME project in a collaboration between the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and NRG. The paper was co-authored by BojanRead More →

Sophia Buckingham, a new PhD celebrated

We are pleased to announce that Sophia Buckingham (Von Karman Institute) successfully defended her thesis in front of the private jury on the 27th of June 2018 at the Université Catholique de Louvain. This is the second step after submitting the manuscript in the process of acquiring the PhD in Belgium. The last step is the public defense, that is scheduled on the 29th of August, 2018. Her thesis is entitled: “Prandtl number effects onRead More →

SESAME celebrates Morena Angelucci, a new successful PhD

The 7th of May, at the University of Pisa, the candidate Morena Angelucci defended her doctoral thesis titled “Coupling between System and CFD codes for the analysis of thermal-hydraulic phenomena relevant for LMFR”. Her research activity concerned the development and the use of multi-scale approach, i.e. coupled calculation between a system thermal-hydraulic code (RELAP5/Mod3.3) and a CFD code (ANSYS Fluent) to perform thermal-hydraulic analysis of heavy metal-cooled systems. The research included also an experimental activityRead More →

SESAME celebrates successful PhDs

On 7 June, KTH students Marti Jeltsov and Kaspar Kööp obtained their PhD based on SESAME-related work. The PhD defense of Marti was chaired by SESAME Senior Advisory Committee member Janne Wallenius. Furthermore, SESAME experts Mariano Tarantino and Afaque Shams served as opponents during the defenses of Marti and Kaspar while SESAME experts Vincent Moreau, Katrien Van Tichelen, and Ferry Roelofs served in the evaluation committees of their PhD defenses. We are happy to announceRead More →

SEEDS-2 experiments ready to start

A step forward was taken at the Department of Radiation Science and Technology of TU Delft, The Netherlands. The SEEDS experimental loop (SEven rods bundle Experiment in Delft for Sesame) was changed replacing the SEEDS-1 (inaugurated in November 2017) test section with the SEEDS-2 test section. SESAME colleagues from NRG visited the new setup. The SEEDS-2 test section is a 7-rods hexagonal bundle facility with wire spacers wrapped around the rods to mimic the geometry ofRead More →

Tracking bears!

Prior to the recent SESAME progress meeting in March in Ljubljana, local organiser Iztok Tiselj arranged a unique social adventure of bear tracking in the hills around Postonja, Slovenia. Two SESAME members, Graham Kennedy (SCK•CEN) and Afaque Shams (NRG) — both originating from the warmer parts of the globe — joined the adventure in sub-zero temperatures and at times knee deep snow. The fresh snowfall and winds made bear tracking nearly impossible and so noRead More →

SESAME’s third Newsletter is out!

SESAME has published its third newsletter edition, covering the latest technical activities that have been carried out, highlights and interesting events for the community.Read More →

SEEDS Experimental Facility Revealed!

It took a lot of thinking, designing, drawing, constructing and testing… the SEEDS facility is ready to go! On 17 November, SEEDS (SEven rods bundle Experiments in Delft for SESAME) was officially revealed at the department of Radiation Science and Technology of TU Delft, The Netherlands. SESAME colleagues from NRG and TU Delft were there to celebrate this event. The SEEDS facility is a water-based bundle consisting of seven rods. SEEDS 1 is a 7Read More →

SESAME Heavy (Liquid) Metal Concert

The SESAME progress meeting in Brasimone hosted a unique event. The first ever heavy (liquid) metal concert in the containment of a liquid metal cooled reactor. SESAME scientist Diego Angeli from Modena is also guitarist in the Italian melodic and aggressive heavy metal band Blue Hour Ghosts. And as they said themselves: ‘Have you ever heard guitars play in a Nuclear Reactor Containment Building? Well, we did!’. It was a unique and very special concertRead More →

SESAME’s Heleen Doolaard wins NURETH Young Professional Award

During the 17th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics (NURETH-17) in Xi’an (China), Heleen Doolaard won a Young Professional award for her paper: ‘Experiment design to assess the inter-wrapper heat transfer in LMFR’. The work described in this paper was performed within the framework of the European SESAME project in a collaboration between the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and NRG. The paper was co-authored by Julio Pacio and Abdalla Batta from KITRead More →

ASCOMP hands-on training

ASCOMP organises periodically hands-on training sessions on TransAT in Zurich and elsewhere. During the two-day training session, the participants get to know the code structure, architecture, physics (equations, models), problem setup and installation details, followed by hands-on-training. Next available dates for Training:  Zurich ASCOMP: 14-15 September 2017 Registration available here: More →

SESAME’s second Newsletter is out!

SESAME has published its second newsletter edition, covering the technical activities that have been carried out during the first year of the project, highlights and interesting events for the community.Read More →

FJOH School 2017

Frédéric Joliot & Otto Hahn Summer School on Nuclear Reactors “Physics, Fuels and Systems” Uncertainties in nuclear reactor systems analysis: Improving understanding, confidence and quantification When: August 23 – September 1, 2017 Where: Karlsruhe, Germany More information:  The 23rd session of the Frédéric Joliot/Otto Hahn (FJOH) Summer School on “Nuclear Reactors Physics, Fuels, and Systems” will be held in Karlsruhe, Germany, from August 23 to September 1, 2017. This session is entitled Uncertainties in nuclearRead More →

Lecture series: Thermohydraulics and Chemistry of Liquid Metal Cooled Reactors

We are pleased to announce a new Lectures Series on Thermohydraulics and Chemistry of Liquid Metal Cooled Reactors that will be organised in the framework of the MYRTE and SESAME Horizon 2020 projects of the European Union. Most of the lecturers will be scientists who are actively involved in one of these two research projects.   The lecture’s co-directors are Ferry Roelofs from NRG (the Netherlands) and Philippe Planquart from the von Karman Institute. Date: Monday 10 April 2017 toRead More →

SESAME’s first Newsletter is now out!

SESAME has published its first newsletter edition, covering the technical activities that have been carried out since the start of the project, project highlights and interesting events for the community.Read More →

Announcement: Heavy metal summer school 2016

Date: 13-17 June 2016 Location:   Mol (BELGIUM) Heavy liquid metal (HLM) coolants offer new perspectives for the development of innovative nuclear systems for materials research, nuclear waste transmutation and energy production. The Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK•CEN) is at the forefront of HLM nuclear technology worldwide with the development of the MYRRHA accelerator driven system. During this summer school, participants will gain insight into the state-of-the-art of research focused to the development of MYRRHA and otherRead More →

SESAME to collaborate with US partners ANL and ORNL

SESAME Newsletter #1 (March 2016)  ALL ARTICLES Access Newsletter here > SESAME is proud to announce that the US/EURATOM I-NERI proposal to collaborate with the Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has been approved. ANL and ORNL will participate in the project’s effort to improve the state-of-the-art in thermal-hydraulics simulation and validation experiments in support of the safety evaluation of liquid-metal cooled fast reactors (LMFRs). This cooperation will provide anRead More →

SESAME project presentation available

The SESAME project presentation is now available for download. Download here >Read More →

Launch of SESAME project

The SESAME project officially launched on 15 April 2015 with the kick-off meeting that was held at the The von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics in Brussels.Read More →