Portrait of a young professional: Meet Teodora Virban

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SESAME Newsletter #2 (February 2017) 

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Portrait of a young professional: Meet Teodora Virban

  1. Teo_BWCould you briefly describe your role and responsibilities in the SESAME project?

I represent the Project Management Office (PMO) of SESAME. My main role is to closely monitor the partners’ achievements and contributions to the project’s objectives, and support them in all of their administrative and financial related matters.

Amongst my responsibilities, I help the Coordinator in the overall management, in particular concerning the deployment and use of collaborative project management tools (e.g. Electronic Content Collaboration Platform, validation and submission workflow).

In addition, I support the project secretariat and help with the organisation of project meetings.

  1. What do you enjoy most about your involvement in SESAME?

My involvement, in particular concerning the successful monitoring of the tasks in the project, is enabled by the partners’ curiosity towards novelty and their quick engagement into more administrative-related actions. For example, I  rolled out the online shared workspace and the deliverable validation and submission workflow, which are two internal tools that are used by partners throughout the project length to ease their collaboration. I must admit that I was slightly concerned about the level of responsiveness to using these online tools, but I was pleased to see the high reactivity and everyone’s sincere appreciation of the usefulness and simplicity of these platforms. This attitude makes the management processes very efficient and sets the foundations for a fruitful cooperation.

Most of all, I am grateful for being able to work closely with the project coordinator, the Governing Board, and the Scientific Advisory Committee members and being part of such a great team, who shares the same values and builds on relationships based on trust and appreciation.

  1. What do you like most about the SESAME project?

What I appreciate the most in SESAME is the community of researchers, in particular their devotion to their work and their willingness to share their results and experiences with the consortium. In addition, even though some of the regular meetings’ participants do not have a technical background, the partners have the ability to translate their presentations’ content into a non-technical language in order for it to be comprehensible for the entire audience. This affects positively my work in preparing the project proceedings.

During my participation in different project meetings, I observed an essential quality, namely the reciprocal respect between partners concerning their achievements and proposed working methods. In my opinion, the partners’ availability and respect are two of the characteristics that make the SESAME project a successful collaboration, with prospective future alliances.