Portrait of a young professional: Morena Angelucci

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SESAME Newsletter #3 (March 2018) 

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Could you briefly describe your role and responsibilities in the SESAME project?

As a PhD student of the University of Pisa, who is a SESAME partner, my involvement is strictly related to my research activity.

My team work at UniPi is responsible for the Task 5.4 in the “Integral System Simulation” Work Package, which foresees a benchmark activity for system codes and STH-CFD coupled simulations. My role was to collaborate with the team to delineate the benchmark specifications and to execute the numerical simulations for this task. Indeed, the main topic of my research concerns the development of a coupling tool between system thermal-hydraulic and CFD codes.

Moreover, I also collaborate with ENEA who is involved, among other activities, in WP4 “Integral System Reference Data” – Task 4.4 with the experiments on the NACIE-UP facility. I also had the opportunity to participle actively to some experimental tests.

What do you enjoy most about your involvement in SESAME?

The thing that I most appreciate in being involved SESAME has been the opportunity to come in contact with a wide community of experts from all Europe and abroad. The organisation of the benchmark activity allowed me to encounter other partners, to learn something more about their expertise and their approach to science and research. It helped me not only to enlarge my knowledge about the different approaches to perform the same activities of mine, but also to become more aware about which are my competences and skills.

Further, the participation to the progress meeting enables also to attend the technical session in which you are not involved and to keep updated about the last findings of the different sub-areas. The meetings offer as well the opportunity to talk personally with the professionals and to share convivial events such as social dinners or the special Heavy Liquid Metal Concert occurred last October.

What would you say are your biggest challenges?

I faced the biggest challenges at the beginning of the project, which was almost concomitant with the beginning of my research path. At that time, I felt quite inexpert and I knew I was going to meet many specialists of this sector. Nevertheless, I must admit that all the partners welcomed me soon in their community with esteem.

In addition, sometimes the work itself is quite challenging and it requires time and efforts; also, you have to cope with deadlines too, but eventually the results are satisfying.