Portrait of a young professional: Pierdomenico Lorusso

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Could you briefly describe your role and responsibilities in the SESAME project?

My name is Pierdomenico Lorusso, I’m a PhD student of University of Rome La Sapienza and I’m attending my PhD at the ENEA Brasimone Research Center. I’m actually involved in the SESAME Project and I’m working in the following tasks:

  • In the framework of WP4, task 5.4, I participated to the realization of the numerical activities with the system thermal-hydraulic (STH) code RELAP5-3D©, in support of the benchmark activity on the NACIE-UP facility. The main purposes have been the realization of a numerical model to carry out blind simulations and post-test simulations for the validation of the STH codes.
  • In the framework of the WP4 activities, I took part in the experimental campaign on the CIRCE-HERO facility at the C.R. ENEA Brasimone for the SESAME Project, consisting in the realization of tests aiming at reproduce Protected Loss of Flow Accident (PLOFA) scenarios in a heavy liquid metal pool-type facility.

Pierdomenico Lorusso


What would you say are your biggest challenges?

Concerning the numerical activity, a big challenge was the achievement of a truthful numerical model of the NACIE-UP facility with the RELAP5 STH code. The realization of the model took a big amount of time due to the first approach to the code. In the same way, also the adoption of the correct models and correlations (i.e. heat transfer correlations and pressure drop correlations) to reproduce the real phenomena involved during the experiments has been a difficult feature to face.

Concerning the experimental activities, an important challenge has been the planning and the realization of the experimental campaigns, due to the long time needed on field to set up the experimental systems (i.e. loop and components design, instrumentation, maintenance of components) and the attention needed for the operation of the facility during the tests.


What will you remember most about that experience?

I will remember the SESAME Project as a great possibility to improve my knowledge, in particular about the topics addressed during the meetings, thanks to the collaboration with a lot of professionals who shared with me and with other young students like me their expertise and experiences.

A particular thought goes to the team work of Uniroma1 and ENEA, thanks to which I have been able to grow from a personal and professional point of view.