SESAME Work Meetings on Best Practice Guidelines

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SESAME Newsletter #2 (February 2017) 

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SESAME Work Meetings on Best Practice Guidelines


In addition to the regular project progress meetings that are held in European collaborative projects, two SESAME work meetings were organised in Stockholm during the week of 4-8 July.

The first work meeting focused on verification, validation and uncertainty quantification of liquid metal thermal hydraulics. This meeting was organised by KTH, the hosting university, in Stockholm in the form of a workshop divided into 5 different sessions.  27 presentations were prepared by the different collaborating organisations and were used as input for the workshop.  At the end of each session, a panel discussion concluded on the different topics.

The second work meeting was organised by NRG, who received the strong support by VKI. It aimed at discussing the topic of best practice guidelines for liquid metal CFD. Only a few presentations were scheduled in order to dedicate a great amount of time for discussions amongst experts with the aim to achieve agreements on the most important aspects of a liquid metal CFD simulation.
Both meetings turned out to be successful and will set a strong basis for the project’s deliverables on these topics. Summaries of these deliverables will be presented in 2017 during the SESAME lecture series in Brussels from 10-14 April and are aimed at being included in a textbook on liquid metal thermal hydraulics.