VKI Lecture Series in April 2017

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SESAME Newsletter #3 (March 2018) 

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VKI Lecture Series in April 2017

VKIThe Lecture Series dedicated to Thermo-hydraulics and Chemistry of Liquid Metal cooled reactors was organised during the second week of April 2017. The Lecture Series was held in the frame of the SESAME H2020 project and was also part of the MYRTE H2020 project.

25 international participants attended the Lecture Series. 24 different well-prepared lectures were provided by enthusiastic lecturers, which resulted in an intense and very interesting week.  A visit of the VKI facilities, related to projects dealing with liquid metal reactor, was also squeezed into the programme.

The Lecture Series started with a very complete overview of the thermo-hydraulic challenges for future Liquid Metal Cooled reactors. It was then followed by a review of the chemistry challenges for the study of volatile radionuclides, oxygen control inside heavy liquid metal reactor and fuel-coolant interaction.  The next part focused on the different aspects of liquid metal facilities, like construction, operation, instrumentation, with also a specific part on the use of water model facilities to study dedicated topics related to heavy liquid metal reactors.  The last part of the course was devoted to the thermo-hydraulics challenges from the modeling point of view, starting from a very fundamental approach, like DNS, reviewing the status of the RANS and URANS approaches and moving to engineering approaches, with the use of system codes. The issues related to Verification and Validation as well as Uncertainty Quantification and Best Practice Guidelines ended the part on modelling.

This Lecture Series was a very important step towards the final textbook that will be edited at the end of SESAME.  The courses have provided the skeleton of the textbook and have helped identifying the authors and reviewers of the different chapters. They are now finalizing their contribution in order to have a first draft of the textbook by the next technical meeting in Ljubljana.